It’s time for a fresh perspective on sustainability... 

Think back to when the IT revolution was emerging in the 1990s. Did we really appreciate what was to come? The unfolding sustainability revolution will be much bigger and is full of opportunity.

The Good News Story is a story of progress designed to move people from the current culture around sustainability of fear, loss, failure and denial, to one based on prosperity, opportunity, creativity, excitement and even hope. It celebrates what is progressing in the world rather than what isn’t.

In this dynamic keynote presentation your audience will see that:

  • The move to sustainability is a natural next-step for humankind.
  • While the sustainability challenge is urgent, there is cause for hope.
  • A new global revolution is well and truly underway.
  • There are many exciting roles that they can play.

This visually impactful and highly engaging presentation is excellent for organisations wanting to inspire and engage stakeholders around sustainability; to redefine it in more empowering terms. It can be used to create a positive and meaningful context for the promotion of sustainability initiatives.

The Good New Story is great for:

  • Conferences
  • Retreats and strategy days
  • Customer events
  • Internal promotion of sustainability initiatives or programs

Simon was engaged by CBA to provide a keynote presentation, The Good News Story, at our internal Climate Change Forum, hosted by one of our Group Executives. The response we had from the audience was excellent with people noting Simon was highly engaging, entertaining and informative, without being preachy. He managed to emphasise the magnitude of the sustainability challenge we face, yet within a very positive and exciting context. We look forward to using Simon and The Good News Story for future events.
— James Peacock, Executive Manager Environmental Sustainability, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
I thoroughly enjoyed The Good News Story. Simon delivered a simple message in a creative way and has reminded me again why I love my job.
— Amy Hogan, Sustainability Manager, Colonial First State Global Asset Management
It’s encouraging to see the strengths and opportunities that lie within our grasp, especially when so much focus has been placed upon the threats and weaknesses. Sell the dream, don’t scare people with the nightmare!
— Robin Mellon, COO, Green Building Council of Australia
I had the pleasure of attending your presentation yesterday evening. It was interesting, funny and educational! I am strongly considering changing careers and moving into the field of ‘sustainability’. Your presentation further confirmed this desire. So I wanted to say thank you for having a contagiously positive can-do attitude!
— Good News Story Audience Member