• Vision and strategy development

Create shared vision and strategy underpinned by a sound business case.

Define what 'sustainability' means to your organisation and its future success.

  • Materiality assessments

Understand which issues really are material to your business and stakeholders.

  • Policy development

Develop practical and credible policy.

  • Program establishment or review

Set up a new sustainability program on a solid footing.

Benchmark your existing program and establish a plan to take it to the next level.

  • Program management

Manage your sustainability program for you or enable management by your own people. Develop the roles, tools, systems and procedures needed to manage effectively.

  • Reporting and communications

Communicate your performance, credentials and story with integrity and inspiration. Meet reporting standards and perform well in indices.

  • Workshop and process facilitation

Facilitate visioning, strategy, planning, training and stakeholder engagement workshops.

Scenario development and participatory leadership processes such as World Cafe and Open Space.

  • Stakeholder engagement

Understand, align and innovate with your external stakeholders. Engage senior management and Boards. Inspire and mobilise your staff.

  • Thought leadership

Produce papers, booklets, presentations and other media to engage your stakeholders and increase knowledge.

  • Keynote presentations

Please see below.


  • Understand changing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, trends, ideas and technologies.

  • Be prepared to effectively manage emerging regulatory, market and other risks, including climate change risks to assets.

  • Understand and respond to the changing needs and wants of tenants, customers, investors, communities and other stakeholders.

  • Have an investor-aligned ESG framework.

  • Manage your reporting requirements and achieve performance in surveys such as GRESB and those of investor analysts.

  • Optimise the performance of your standing assets, including performance benchmarking, management plans and data management systems.

  • Procure or develop green buildings, including using GreenStar.

  • Seize new commercial opportunities, including new offerings and enhanced market positioning. Leverage government and industry support programs.

  • Play a role in helping to shape the evolution of sustainability in the property industry, including supporting your own specific market segments.

  • Integrate sustainability into day-to-day business. Make it simple to manage. 


Presentation to inform, inspire and motivate stakeholders.

Simon is a sought-after public speaker recognised for his passion, confidence, clarity of messaging and ability to powerfully engage audiences of all sizes. 


We can tailor a presentation on a wide range of sustainability-related topics for your conference, retreat or staff or customer engagement event.  

Simon is currently presenting extensively on Crossing the Threshold, sustainable digitalisation and related topics.

Simon, your presentation today hit all the right points, well paced, great material and delivered in a personable, positive way. Thank you
— Bruce Precious, National Sustainability Manager, GPT Group